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This web site exists to document my adventures in writing software emulators for old computer hardware. So far, I have completed (sort of) a Commodore PET emulation and am working on a Sinclair Spectrum emulation.

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A Milestone

I’ve made two posts about the design of my emulation so far and we haven’t got very far into the nitty gritty. The actual work, though, is much further ahead. In fact, I’ve got to the first major milestone as exemplified from this log of the most recent run of the zexdoc tests. This tests … Continue reading A Milestone


So I’m building a Spectrum emulation. Having done a 6502, I thought it would be fun to do something different and try to document it along the way. I’m a bit late getting going since the actual work has already progressed quite a way. Objective I want to build a functional emulator for the ZX … Continue reading Beginnings

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